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Selection and installation of bearings
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When selecting bearings, generally consider the bearing arrangement as the shafting, the ease of installation and disassembly, the space allowed by the bearing, the size and the marketability of the bearing, etc., which roughly determine the bearing structure. Next, determine the bearing size while comparing and studying the design life of various machines using bearings and the various durability limits of bearings.ball bearing

Furthermore, according to different uses, it is necessary to select bearings specially designed for the requirements of precision, clearance, cage structure, grease, etc. However, there is no certain order and rules for selecting bearings. The priority should be the conditions, performance, and most relevant options required for the bearings, especially practical.

Bearing installation should be carried out in a dry and clean environment. Preparations before installation:

According to different bearing sizes and application environments, different installation methods are adopted

Prepare the necessary parts, tools and equipment for installation;

· Prepare all parts that need to be installed and clean them thoroughly before installation;

·Check the size and shape accuracy of all the parts that need to be installed according to the drawings.

Note: Before the installation preparations are completed, do not unpack the bearings to avoid contamination of the bearings.

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