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About Deep Groove Ball Bearings
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all bearing is a kind of rolling bearing. The ball is installed in the middle of the inner steel ring and the outer steel ring and can bear a large load. It is also called a ball bearing. Ball bearings mainly consist of four basic components: balls, inner rings, outer rings and cage retainers, as shown in the figure. General industrial ball bearings meet the AISI52100 standard. The balls and rings are usually made of high-chromium steel, and the Rockwell C-scale hardness is about 61-65. The hardness of the cage is lower than that of the ball and the ring, and its material is metal (such as: medium carbon steel, aluminum alloy) or non-metal (such as: Teflon, PTEF, polymer material). Rolling bearings have less rotational friction resistance than journal bearings, so at the same speed, the temperature due to friction will be lower.

Deep groove ball bearings are the most commonly used bearings in rolling bearings. Deep groove ball bearings mainly bear radial loads, and can also bear radial loads and axial loads at the same time. When it is only subjected to radial loads, the contact angle is zero. Common deep groove ball bearing models: 6200 bearings, 6308 bearings, 6201 bearings, 6000 bearings, 6309 bearings, etc. The size and type of deep groove ball bearings can be calculated intuitively.

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